Profile of BPW Africa

BPW Africa is one of the five statutory regions of BPW International. There are 3 Federations: Egypt, Nigeria and Sudan; 17 Associate Clubs in 13 countries; and individual members in 3 countries.

Affiliate Federations


BPW Egypt

BPW Egypt was established in 2000 starting with BPW Cairo. There are three clubs in BPW Egypt with membership strength of 100. Its president since inception is Dr. Amany Asfour.

BPW Nigeria

BPW Nigeria was started by Mrs Theodora Obafunmilayo and a group of women in Lagos in 1961. The Lagos club became an associate club in 1962 followed by Ibadan and Enugu in 1964. In 1965 all these clubs came together to become the Nigeria Federation of Business and Professional Women. Currently, there are 12 clubs in Nigeria and at least five other clubs are in the process of formation. Its current president is Angela Ajala.

BPW Sudan


Affiliate Clubs



BPW Cotonou Siege

BPW Cotonou Siege was created in 2004 with membership drawn from the civil service and the private sector, the liberal professions, storekeepers, craftswomen and business managers and with the vision of social, economic and political advancement of the women. Its first president was Huguette Akplogan Dossa, followed by Raissa Gbedji and Blandine Wadochedohoun. Its current president is Jofrette Loueke.

BPW Cotonou 2 Littoral

BPW Cotonou 2 Littoral was inaugurated on May 17, 2011 at an Annual General Meeting held in Cotonou in the Republic of Benin. It is the 2nd club in Cotonou, coming seven (7) years after the first BPW club was created in 2004. Its current president, Reine Loupeda Sagbohan, a jurist and Chief of Enterprise was elected into office at the first General Assembly.

BPW Cotonou 3 Riviera

BPW Cotonou 3 Riviera came into being seven years after the creation of the first BPW affiliate club in Benin in 2004. It was inaugurated on June 26th, 2011 at the its first Annual General Meeting organized in Cotonou with Eliane Dossou Edoun, a sociologist, as its first president. The current president is Sonia Johnson.


BPW Ouagadougou



BPW Yaounde

BPW Cameroon came into being in 2009 after attending the regional congress in 2009 in Abuja. The formal inauguration of BPW Yaoundé took place on February 22, 2010. From this Club, other BPW clubs have emerged in Cameroon. Its president since inception is Jeauberte Djamou Tchuidjio.

BPW Edea

The BPW Edéa was created in August, 2010, and affiliated in March, 2011. It is composed of business women, jurists, doctors, teachers, environmentalists, deputies, pastors, accountants etc. Its first and current president is Angela Ajala.

BPW Douala

President: Aissatou Mohamadou Mbouba

BPW Mfoundi

BPW Mfoundi Club was created in August 2011 during a Annual General Meeting. It was recognized on October 11. Its first president was Odile Mokouri Mbilla and current president is Emilienne Seppo



BPW Kinshasha


BPW Bassam Imperial

BPW Abidjan-RCI



BPW Nakuru

BPW Kenya used to be a strong Federation but sizzled in the 90s for luck of structured leadership. I had even hosted an international congress before. The chapter was re-launched in Nakuru on December 4, 2010. Its first and current president is ProfessorMary Kariuki.

BPW Bamako


BPW Niamey

BPW Sarraounyia Club of Niamey was established in 2011. It is composed of women CEOs of corporate firms, of women leaders and those involved in the liberal professions. Its first and current president is Mariama Douda Coullibaly.



BPW Johannesburg

BPW (Jhb) South Africa was officially launched in July 2011 at a CEO’s Breakfast hosted by Dr Rob Davies, Minister of the Department of Trade & Industry (the dti). The dti is an official partner of BPW (Jhb) South Africa, and, together work to galvanize the enormous potential of female entrepreneurs and businesswomen. Its first and current president is Toni Gomes.

BPW Outeniqua



BPW Lusaka had a second coming in Zambia with the inauguration of the club in 2010. Its first president was Sylbvia B. Mwansa and current president is Mazuba Monze.



There are currently three individual members represented in three countries namely Botswana and Namibia and Tunisia.