BPW Parallel and Side Events CSW 61

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Economic Empowerment of Women through Online Business Incubation

BPW Business Incubator ‘Women in Business’ Online Training & Mentorin Projects with BPW Western Australia Belmont (BPW WA), Belmont BEC & TCF Australa)

Church Center, 777 UN Plaza (corner of 44th and First Ave), 2nd Floor

13th of March 2017



Economic Empowerment of Women through Government and Corporate Procurement Policies


Church Center, 777 UN Plaza (corner of 44th and First Ave), Boss Room

14th of March 2017


The Business of Parliaments: Why 30% Women Representation is Important

League of Women Voters, IFBPW, World Jewish Congress, PPSEWA

Salvation Army,
221 E 52nd St, New York, Auditorium

14th of March 2017


Is there an added value to a Women Entrepreneur? And if we add the country brand?

FIDAPA BPW Italy, Italian National Equality Councillor

Permanent Mission of Italy to the UN
885 Second Avenue (One Dag Hammarskjold Plaza), 49th floor

15th of March 2017


Closing the Pay Gap

BPW Germany and German Mission

Mission of Germany,
871, First Ave. at 44th Street & 1st Ave, NY

15th of March 2017


Women’s Empowerment through Water

South Africa, IFBPW, SI, WfWP

United Nations HQ
ECOSOC  Chamber
E 42nd Street & 1st Ave, NY

16th of March 2017


Careers for Women in the Water (and related) sectors as key to economic empowerment

Brezil, co-convened by ILO, Women for Water, NGO coordination CSW NY, IFBPW

United Nations HQ
Conference Room 2
E42 Street & 1st Ave, NY

17th of March 2017


The Keys to the Economic Empowerment of Women

BPW Japan and Mission of Japan

United Nations HQ Conference Room 8 GA Building
E42 Street & 1st Ave, NY

17th of March 2017


Please send a registration e-mail to: catherine.bosshart@bpw-international.org for all events that do not take place in the Church Center or the Salvation Army. The events in the United Nations will probably only be accessible to “badge holders”. For entry cards to the Japanese event, please write to: 3ngosjpevent@gmail.com. For the event at the Italian Mission please register here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeKSoM3vNM8AmZgWJTBhZvF4C3xhuOuaGMxVeD97DQwpKPN6g/viewform