CONFIRMATION of the F E D E R A T I O N President

BPW International: “Member initiated Taskforce & Projects”


Dear Madam President

At the International Congress in Jeju, South Korea, the Resolution “Renewal of Committees, Taskforces & Projects” was adopted and will be put into practice as “Member initiated Taskforces & Projects”.

This means that each BPW member has the opportunity to register a “Project” or a “Taskforce” on international level or to work as an “Expert” or “Committed Member”. You find all registration forms, guidelines and information on the website of BPW International

Up to now BPW International had only a “top down” system which didn’t work well and didn’t consider the full potential of competence and commitment of our members. In a voluntary working organization which has no money to buy performances, smart organizational structures have to give members, who are motivated to perform on an international level, opportunities to do so. Therefore we added this “BOTTOM UP” structure.

Of course the Clubs and Federations have to keep the primacy of the commitment of their members. Therefore all registrations need a confirmation of the Federation and Club President. But it is a fact that BPW members have such rich potentials that an OVERFLOW could be offered to activities on international level without disturbing or competing activities on local or on national level. On the contrary, synergies could emerge from these new “bottom up” opportunities. The “Member initiated Taskforces & Projects” which will be “acknowledged by BPW International” are not entitled to get any special favours in their Club or Federation. The President of the Club or Federation decides about the cooperation. If a Federation or Club wishes to register a Project or Taskforce they have to do it through a “liaison person” who registers and is in charge of all communication.

To accept that members of a Club or Federation will offer their services on an international level will be very much appreciated by BPW International and will empower our whole organization. Taskforces or Projects have the opportunity to apply for funds if required at an international level.

This new concept of BPW International, the “Member initiated Taskforces & Projects” is a PILOT concept and is led by a PILOT Team which ensures communication between the BPW International Executive Board, the members who offer a commitment and the Presidents of the Clubs and Federations. A PILOT Administrator who is in charge of the extensive administration gets 6000 Euros/year as compensation. All other persons involved work voluntarily.

Please find more information on the website of BPW International

Thank you for all your commitment and your cooperation

Dr. Antoinette Rüegg, Past President BPW International and PILOT Team Chair,">

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