Ursula Schulthess

n UrsulaSchulthessDr. Ursula Schulthess
1931 – 2008


Finance Officer BPW International 1983-85
Founder of “FRIENDS of BPW International”
Member of BPW Switzerland 1970 - 2008


When Ursula Schulthess was in charge of a task, she not only carried it out proficiently, but also looked to see how to improve the task in hand. As Finance Officer, she immediately realized that financial support was required from sources other than membership dues and founded the ‘FRIENDS of BPW International’. These BPW International sponsors still exist today. When discussions came up to use ‘Friends’ money for charity projects she made it very clear that BPW International needed the money to become a strong viable and healthy organization able to empower women. For years, she empowered women by encouraging the members of BPW Switzerland to raise money for a National Scholarship Fund. Everyone was proud when Ursula announced some years ago that BPW Switzerland’s sustained financial effort had passed the One Million dollar target.

During several International Congresses Ursula Schulthess was Chair of the Election Committee, which was a guarantee that even under difficult circumstances everything would flow perfectly. I enjoyed her statements as they were always to the point, very clear and concise. On attending my first International Congress in Nairobi 1991, I found the English Congress vocabulary was extremely hard to understand. She admitted that she also had to look up many of the words, which was the greatest encouragement she could give me. Ursula did not speak a lot so, no comment was an OK, and any disagreement was clear and factual.

Ursula Schulthess not only held offices and fulfilled special tasks but she also decided to grant BPW Switzerland and BPW International a part of her estate as a legacy. Ursula, BPW members and your BPW Friends from all over the world thank you for your commitment, which ensures your efforts will bear fruit in future as well.

Antoinette Rüegg
Past President BPW International