Guidelines for EXPERTS

Who registers as an EXPERT?

BPW members who are interested in a particular field of competence and are experts can offer their expertise in a well-defined time frame.

1  Registration

For the initial registration the EXPERTS needs confirmation from her Club and Federation President (forms attached to the registration).The registration must be confirmed and updated annually and the PILOT Administrator sends the required form directly to obtain the confirmation. The commitment may be cancelled at any time by informing the PILOT Administrator.

2  Finances

Members who are appointed to BPW International Taskforce or committee are serving as a volunteer and receive no funding or reimbursement of expenses.

3  Language

Working language: ENGLISH. During the PILOT phase there is no capacity to serve all the official languages of BPW International. But language regions are very welcome to translate all the documents and to offer a person to handle the communication.

4  Database

The database got established through the BPW International website to enable members to enter their own personal information so that BPW International Executives and staff and well defined persons will have access to it, which eliminates most data collection and privacy concerns. This data is never provided to external organisations or agencies, and may not be used for any other purpose other than the purpose for which the member entered their information.

Members who are searching for EXPERTS or COMMITTED MEMBERS may contact the PILOT Administrator:

5  Reliability

Members who accept the role should respond to communications promptly and deliver requested commitments on time.

Registration for Experts


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