Guidelines for Taskforce CHAIR

Who registers as a Taskforce CHAIR?

BPW members who like to work in a team on a particular issue which is relevant and at the same time focussed on business & professional women.

1      Taskforce subjects

The choice of subjects is huge. The opportunity to work on a subject full-heartedly provides the energy for excellent performances and also allows for creativity and innovation. Taskforces with similar goals are not recommended but may be possible. If two Taskforce Chairs have a conflict they are requested to find a constructive and creative solution. The PILOT Chair is available to liaise with them to find suitable solution. Applications which concern e.g. private business, a political party or a religious group will not be accepted.

2      Registration

For the initial registration the Taskforce CHAIR submits an Action Plan and registers the Taskforce and its members (at least one to constitute a Taskforce). The Taskforce Chair and each Taskforce member must have the signed agreement of the Club and Federation President (forms attached to the registration). If the Executive Board accepts the Annual Report the Taskforce is registered for a following year. For each new term (3 years) an Action Plan is required. If a Federation or Club wishes to register a Project or Taskforce they have to do it through a “liaison person” who registers and is in charge of all communication.

3      Taskforce members

The Taskforce Chairs decide on the members in her Taskforce. Performances are better if members cooperate in a constructive manner. The Taskforce Chair can register new members at any time and has to sign off members who decided to leave the Taskforce. The Taskforce Chair is the connecting link to the PILOT Team.

4      BPW Clubs or Federations have no obligation

Clubs and Federations are without obligation to support supporting BPW International “Member initiated Taskforces & Projects”. However the Taskforce or Project Chair is encouraged to find tailor made ways to obtain cooperation. If a Taskforce would like the support of a Club or Federation e.g. to spread information or to organize an event, the Taskforce or Project Chair is obliged to motivate the leaders of their Club or Federation. It is a goal of the “Member initiated Taskforces & Projects” to stimulate synergies between local, national and international levels and issues and to encourage cooperation.

5      Finances

Taskforce Chairs and Members are serving as volunteers and receive no funding or reimbursement of expenses from BPW International. The Taskforce Chair may apply for funds on behalf of BPW International but must submit the application forms to the Chair of the PILOT Team who will forward it to BPW International in order to screen for parallel actions. The Taskforce Chair has to inform the PILOT Chair about any fundraising results but is allowed to use the funds for the Taskforce activities. To ensure transparency the budget has to be submitted to the PILOT Team for adoption.

6      Language

Working language: ENGLISH. During the PILOT phase there is no capacity to serve all official languages of BPW International. But language regions are very welcome to translate the documents and to offer a person who will handle the communication. A Taskforce Chair is independent regarding the language if she translates all relevant information for her Taskforce Members.

7      Reports

To register for a Taskforce an Action Plan must be submitted together with the registration of the Taskforce Chair and the members. If the Executive Board accepts the Action Plan the Taskforce becomes a “BPW Internationally recognized Taskforce”. As long as the Annual Reports of the Taskforces are approved by the BPW International Executive Board the work may continue. Each Taskforce is liaised with a member of the PILOT Team who reads each Report, compares it with the Action Plan and forwards the Reports together with a recommendation to the Executive Board. The PILOT Administrator informs about the deadline for submitting the Annual Report at least 4 weeks prior the date.

8      Liaison between Taskforce and PILOT Team

Each Taskforce and Project Chair liaises with a member of the PILOT Team. This liaison member supports the Taskforce or Project, answers questions, reads the reports and adds comments before forwarding the report to the Executive Board of BPW International. The liaison member also draws attention to opportunities at the international level.

9      Poster

The Taskforces and Project Chairs have the opportunity to submit a poster for the “Poster Gallery” at the International Congress and the Regional Conferences. The poster shows the activities and main results of the Taskforce to a larger audience. Guidelines for a poster are available on the website of BPW International

10    International Congress and Regional Conferences

It will be very much appreciated if the Taskforce and Project Chairs and the members of a Taskforce attend the International Congress and the Regional Conference in their Region to show the posters. If a Taskforce Chair is unable to attend the events a member of the Taskforce or another BPW member who is well informed about the Taskforce may take responsibility for the poster. Before the Regional Conferences the Regional Coordinator gets the list of the “member initiated” Taskforces and Projects in her Region. She may contact the Taskforce or Project Chairs if she needs speakers for a panel or workshop.

11    UN Conferences and contacts

Many issues are also issues of UN agencies and attending UN conferences can be very fruitful for the Taskforce Chair and the members. The PILOT Administrator will inform regularly about conferences which can be attended by BPW members.

12    Website

The Taskforces, the names and countries of the Chairs and the members, the Action Plans, the Annual Reports, the Posters and special performances will be published on the website of BPW International.

13    Communication with BPW International

To contact BPW International please communicate either with the PILOT Team Administrator, the PILOT Team Member, who is responsible for your Taskforce, or the PILOT Team Chair, All important information will be forwarded to the Executive Board Members.

14    Database of BPW International

The database got established through the BPW International website to enable members to enter their own personal information so that BPW International Executives staff and well defined persons will have access to it, which eliminates most data collection and privacy concerns. This data will never be provided to external organisations or agencies, and may not be used for any other purpose other than that for which the member entered their information.

Taskforce Chairs who are searching for EXPERTS or COMMITTED Members contact the PILOT Administrator

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