Leaders' Summit with the Leader 2017

Leaders’ Summit Friday, 10th March 2017



1930 – 2017 – 2030: Future of BPW?

How to support
a wise, effective and sustainable evolution of gender equality
in professional life and society?

In a few years our international organization BPW will celebrate its 100th anniversary, time to look closer at our organization:
What works well?
What blocks?
What should be improved or added?

The goal of BPW is an extremely demanding one. How can human behavior and on top gender behavior not only be manipulated for short term purposes, but be modified in a sustainable manner? How far is our democratically organized and voluntary working organization still a valid tool to reach this goal?

Thinking and feeling “out of the box” is necessary and asking uncomfortable questions will also be important. To reach our goal we have to perceive new aspects and contexts and look at facts from uncommon angles. Progress will of course come from new digital tools and the numerous opportunities which go along with them, but a profounder understanding of human behavior, social interactions and values will become a decisive factor as well.

Voluntary working leaders in charge are fully absorbed by their everyday business. They experience what works and what doesn’t work but have no capacity for rigorous in-depth analysis or new concepts to implement changes. Therefore former leaders and experienced members who are truly interested in the issue and have kept a pioneering spirit are predestinated for doing this job.

In different breakout sessions the participants will look at the present and focus on the future of BPW and discuss the issues which motivate them to look closer. We will not discuss the constitution, instead we go a level deeper and look at the roots of our goal and the strategies to reach it.


After registration the participants will receive a text and a questionnaire which they will be requested to fill in.