BPW International Executive 2014 – 2017

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The newly elected BPW International Executive 2014 – 2017




Yasmin Darwich

E-Mail: presidents.office@bpw-international.org
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Vice President Membership

Amany Asfour

E-Mail: amany.asfour@bpw-international.org

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 Arzu Ozyol

Vice President UN

Arzu Ozyol


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 catherine bosshart

Executive Secretary

Catherine Bosshart-Pfluger

E-Mail: catherine.bosshart@bpw-international.org

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 roshan strange 01

Executive Finance Officer

Roshan Strange


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ketlin tackman

Young BPW Representative

Ketlin Tackman

E-Mail: ketlin.tackman@bpw-international.org

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Regional Coordinator - Africa

Adenike Adeyanju-Osadolor

E-Mail: adenike.osadolor@bpw-international.org

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Regional Coordinator - Asia Pacific

Susan Jones

E-Mail: susan.jones@bpw-international.org

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 karin raguin

Regional Coordinator - Europe

Karin Raguin
E-Mail: karin.raguin@bpw-international.org

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marta susana

Regional Coordinator - Latin America

Marta Susana Solimano
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Regional Coordinator - North America

Bessie Hironimus

E-Mail: bessie.hironimus@bpw-international.org

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Bios of the Executive


Dr. Yasmin Darwich, President of BPW International



Yasmin Darwich, president of BPW International (2014-2017), is a medical doctor from Torreon, Mexico, specialized in obstetrical and gynecological surgery with additional expertise in orthomolecular medicine and complementary & alternative medicine. She has been an active member of BPW since 1978, serving in a variety of national, regional, and international leadership positions from 1985 and on the International Executive since 2008. Elected as international president in 2014, she became, in February of 2015, International President of Project 5-0, a global initiative for the support of women's projects in developing countries. She has been instrumental in the development of the La Paz School of Nursing (Mexico), a Project 5-0 endeavor, since its inception in 1985.




Dr. Amany Asfour, first Vice President Membership



has graduated from the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Cairo. She holds a M.D. degree in Pediatrics. In her academic career, she is a Lecturer of Pediatrics at the National Research Center of Egypt. Already as a student, she joined the private sector and established a company for Medical equipment with more than 30 different brands.

She established the Egyptian Business Women Association in 1995 with the aims of promoting young generations of Women Entrepreneurs and giving guidance to women business owners of Small & Medium enterprises, founded the Business and Professional Women (BPW) Federation in Egypt and the African Alliance for Women Empowerment which has focal points all over Africa. In 2014, Dr. Asfour has been elected as first Vice-president of BPW International.




Dr. Arzu Őzyol, Vice President UN



holds an MBA degree and a PhD in Bioethics’ Environmental Politics.She has established her own HYDRA Project and Consulting Company in 2003. The major expertise of her company is developing and managing projects for EU-funds besides providing training programs for public and private institutions.

Founder of the first BPW Club in Ankara-Turkey in 2006, she could establish a national federation in 2010. Since the launch of the Women’s Empowerment Principles: Equality Means Business, BPW-Turkey have completed four EU-funded projects and organized five high-level international events in the framework of WEPs. UN Representative during 2012/2013, she was elected in 2014 as Vice President UN of BPW International.




Prof. tit. Dr. Catherine Bosshart, Switzerland , Executive Secretary



Holds a PhD in History and German Philology. Since 1991 she has been teaching contemporary history at the University of Fribourg in different functions, since 2010 as an honorary professor. Her fields of interests and publications are Gender history, American and Colonial history, History of the Family, International Relations. Among many other publications she has edited the history of BPW Switzerland in 2001.

During 12 years she occupied first the function of Finance Officer of Fribourg’s University Nursery and Kindergarten and was then Chair of its Board.

Member of BPW since 1998, she has been main Representative of BPW International at the UN in Geneva since 2012. In July 2015, she has been nominated asExecutive Secretary of BPW International.





Roshan Strange, Finance Officer



Holds a bachelor of commerce from Western Sydney University, is a certified practicing accountant and holds a public practice certificate from CPA Australia.

She established successful boutique public accounting & bookkeeping businesses and Implemented innovative technology into multiple businesses to streamline procedures and reduce costs. She had a lead role in managing hotel project developments worth $ AUD 200,000,000. Project duration: 4 years. Moreover she successfully governed and managed all financial responsibilities of global logistics company R&L as it increased revenue from 10 million to $ 100 million annual turnover in seven years..





Adenike Adeyanju-Osalodor, Regional Coordinator Africa



Trained both at the University of Ife, Nigeria and Radcliffe College, Harvard, USA, she possesses experience over the past four decades that straddles the academia, book publishing and development work. In her professional capacity, she runs her own publishing outfit, ABBI Books, which is dedicated to promoting women’s voice through publications by and on women and women’s issues.As a development practitioner by volition, she is involved in the civil society movement in her country at different levels. As a Regional Coordinator of Africa in BPW International in her second term, she initiated a regional project on prevention of child marriage.





Susan Jones, Regional Coordinator Asia-Pacific



is an entrepreneur and owner/director of several diverse Australian companies with a background in tax accounting, economics, legal practice management and corporate governance. She is an adjunct lecturer on legal practice management at the NSW College of Law and a director of an on-line trust accounting academy. As a member of the BPW International Executive Board, she is representing the region of Asia-Pacific. She has served as BPW Oceania Regional Coordinator, National Vice President - BPW Australia, Chair of both BPW International Projects & Mentoring Committees. This is her second term as Asia-Pacific Regional Coordinator.





Karin Raguin, Regional Coordinator Europe



A graduate of the ISC Paris Business School, she started her career in 1996 in medical education; after various positions in training & HR development in the industrial and the social field, she foundedin 2004a social firm "Hanploi.com" to facilitate the employment of disabled people. In 2007, she joined an international luxury group to develop the Corporate Social Responsibility policy.In 2015, she has been appointed VP Talent Development of a French Luxury House.

She joined BPW 20 years ago. As national President of BPW France from 2010 to 2013, she contributed to launch the Equal Pay Day and the Women Empowerment Principles in France. She was elected BPW Europe Coordinator in May 2014.





Marta Susana Solimano, Regional Coordinator Latin America



is an architect who specialized in the construction of office buildings and shopping malls. She renovates as well houses, entrance halls, offices and shops.

Marta became a member of BPW Buenos Aires in 1978, has been president of Buenos Aires during 3 terms, has been 2nd vice-president of BPW Argentine and is actually Finance Officer and president. From 2005 to 2011 she was Chair of the International Standing Committee of Development, Training and Employment and from 2011 to 2013 Twinning Task Force Chair. Since 2013, she has been Regional Coordinator of Latin America and the Spanish speaking Caribbean in BPW International.





Bessie Hironimus, Regional Coordinator North America and Caribbean


Has a degree in Business Administration, is a certified translator/interpreter, an administrator and business owner and is a retired Real Estate Appraiser certified by the State of California.Her career includes also working with international corporations.

Re-elected Coordinator for the North America and Caribbean Region for a second term, Bessie is a member of BPW International since 1974. A past president of EPW-USA, Bessie organized and re-started the national Federation so the USA could have an active presence in BPW International.   She has served BPW as Club, District, State and National president, Regional Coordinator, and as an International Executive Board member for 5 years.





Ketlin Tackman, Young BPW Representative



is account manager for one of the biggest international IT companies. As a mother of two school age boys, she hashad first-hand experience that it is difficult for women of the younger generation  to combine studies, family, career and possible hobbies. 

She has been elected Young BPW Representative on the Executive Board of BPW International at the Congress in Jeju 2014. Her biggest aim is to connect Young BPW members around the world. Her goal is to create a solid base for the future communication across continentsuniting the group of active young BPW who feel the need to advocate for equal rights and status of women in different societies.