Final Call for Nomination: BPW Power To Make a Difference Awards 2014-2016


BPW Power to Make a Difference Awards 2014-2016

The objective of BPW Power to Make a Difference Competition is to document and give recognition to the value of leadership, influence and work of BPW Affiliates.

BPW Power to Make a Difference competition expands the scope of BPW work eligible for the competition from the original “Beyond 2000: Helping Women Help Themselves” competitions, which were held three times (once every triennium) in 1999, 2002 and 2005. These competitions together with BPW Power to make a Difference competition in 2008, 2011 and 2014 successfully recognized the BPW work to help over 220,000 women to sustain themselves economically. It is used as a framework to identify BPW Affiliates making a difference through leadership, advocacy and action.

For 2014-2016 competition, the scope has been expanded to include impact that BPW leaders and BPW affiliates make to the environment through Green Growth strategies or other environment projects as well.

Winners of the BPW Power to Make a Difference Awards 2014-2016 will receive their awarded from the International President at the XXIX BPW International Congress in Cairo, Egypt in October 2017.

BPW Power to Make a Difference through Leadership Awards

  • Excellent Business Leader
    • A trophy will be given to the best business woman candidate.
  • Excellent Professional Leader
    • A trophy will be given to the best professional woman candidate.
  • Excellent Young Leader
    • A trophy will be given to the best leader who is aged 40 years or younger.

These trophies will be given to 4 BPW members who are leaders in business and professions whose work has a significant positive impact on the world, environment, her country, her society and/or a corporation. Examples of positive impacts include dramatically improved business performance, major recovery from crisis, restoration of peace, scientific discovery that benefits a lot of people, outstanding professional contribution to a country, a measurable increase in empowered women according to the WEPs etc. Political leaders would be in the professional leader category.

The impact and contribution of the candidates’ leadership are the crucial factors in deciding the winners.  Woman leaders who also use “Green Growth” strategies (environment-friendly policy to reduce CO2 emission, improve environment, reduce waste, improve quality of life for employees and community as well as bring profit to company) will also be given a special consideration.

BPW Power to Make a Difference through Advocacy Awards

  • Excellent Advocacy for Women: 1st Place, 2nd Place, 3rd Place trophies

These trophies will be given to 3 leading BPW Affiliates that successfully lobby for legislation, national policy, lobby CEO to sign statement of support for Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEPs)[1], or promote endeavours that improve the status of women, eliminate discrimination against women and/or lobby to improve conditions to enable women to achieve their full potential (such as in women’s health, women’s employment opportunities or combating violence against women). Advocacy for special groups of women such as indigenous women or migrant women would also count. All advocacy work must have been done in the name of BPW during 2014-2016.  

BPW Power to Make a Difference through Action Awards

  • Excellent Projects: 1st Place, 2nd Place, 3rd Place, 4th Place and 5th Place trophies


These trophies will be awarded to 5 Top BPW projects. Qualified BPW projects are those that are conducted by BPW Club(s) to help at least 200 women to help themselves during 2014-2016.  This could be achieved in several ways, by developing their professional and leadership potentials, by providing opportunities to help them achieve their full potential, by improving the environment while enable women to earn income, etc. Examples include skill training, mentoring, micro-credit, career guidance, scholarships, etc.  


Special Certificates of Recognition

Special certificates of recognition will be given to past winning projects that are still on-going and present the up-to-date report on the additional impact of their projects since the year they originally received the awards up to December 2016.


  • For Leadership category, members of the BPW International Executive Board, the Members of Adjudicators or Sub-committees evaluating the nominations of this competition cannot be nominated. Each nominee must be a BPW member as of year 2017.
  • For Advocacy category, Advocacy work must done in the name of BPW during 2014-2016 and it must be on issues that accord with the BPW mandate and be supported by external evidence.

For WEPs lobbying, the signatories must have completed the “How to Sign” section of the WEPs and will be checked against the official WEPs list at

  • For Action category, project activities must be conducted as a BPW Project during 2014-2016, though it may begin years earlier.  The impact of the work in earlier years can also be included but the adjudication will be determined on the work done during 2014–2016, which should help at least 200 women to help themselves. Charity work that provides temporary relief does not qualify.  Projects involving Young BPW as team members may receive extra credit.

The same person (for leadership category) or same projects (for advocacy and action categories) that previously won first prize trophy of BPW Power to Make a Difference Award in 2014 cannot be resubmitted.


  • Deadline for nomination is 31 March 2017.
  • Nominations can be made by Presidents of BPW Affiliates that have paid their International dues for the year 2017, members of BPW International Board or Past International Presidents.
  • Nomination forms, profile of nominee, project reports, and soft copies of supporting evidences (e.g. photographs, video, news clipping) should be submitted via e-mail to both AND (Chair of Adjudicator for “BPW Power to Make a Difference”). Hard copies of supporting evidences should be mailed to 46 Soi Sukumvit 61, Wattana, Bangkok 10110, THAILAND.


  • Quality of the work, duration of the work and impact on people's life (if possible, quantify the number of women receiving help) are key factors that will be evaluated.


  • The winners will be informed at least 8 weeks prior to the XXIX BPW International Congress, Cairo, Egypt (which will be held 23-27 October 2017) so they can prepare to come to accept the awards.   Winners are also required to have paid their 2017 BPW International Dues.


  • The winners must come to accept the award at XXIX BPW International Congress, Cairo, Egypt in person. If the winner declines to come, the award will go to the next runner up.
  • Qualified leadership nominees, projects and advocacy activities submitted for this competition will be posted on BPW International’s web site


Dr. Chonchanok Viravan,
Chair of Adjudicators for "BPW Power to Make a Difference" competition
Tel: +66-2-3917843; Fax: +66-2-3912120