BPW Activities & SDG 3


Deworming of children and adults by BPW Nigeria

In April 2018, BPW Abuja Karu Golden and Satellite Clubs deworming over 1,000 children and women in rural communities in Abuja villages of Papalandna, Ageita, Jahi, Pabeyi and Tawagi.  This is to help prevent the negative effects worm infestation have on children's and adult's health, nutrition, cognitive abilities and productivity in the community.

Health Awareness Campaign Against Cancer by BPW Dakar, Senegal

Ms. Elisabeth Wambui Ndung’u, a member of BPW Nakuru, Kenya was recognized as a heroine during 2018 Kenyan National Heroes Day (Mashujaa Day) for her work. She served the terminally ill cancer patients for over a decade. Her mission is to ease the suffering of cancer patients by constructing a new Nakuru Hospice.

Empowering Girls in School through Sanitary Pads
By BPW Mwanza, Tanzania

In rural area, girls would either skip school or use unsanitary materials when they menstruate. This poses a serious threat to their life.  BPW members in Tanzania recognize this health risks and provide sanitary pads for girls in schools in Mwanza to combat this problem. 


  • Early Screening for Breast Cancer by BPW Egypt
  • BPW - Osteoporosis detección and HPV (Human Papilloma Virus) vaccination campaign by BPW Mexico
  • Female Hygienic Project by BPW Delhi, India
  • Dinner@home for “Shelter for Abused Women" by BPW Davos Klosters, Switzerland
  • Five Challenges to become ECO Hero by BPW Belgium
  • Programme for Cervical Cancer Prevention by BPW Cyprus
  • BPW Women’s Wellness Campaign by BPW St. Kitts and Nevis
  • Health Clinics with free medicines and transportation by BPW Pakistan
As BPW International Triennium Theme 2017-2020 is “Empowering Women to Realize the Sustainable Development Goals”, it is important to make BPW contribution to SDGs clearly visible. To achieve this, BPW Affiliates are invited to register their projects with respect to SDGs at