6 April 2019

Presidents Training


6-7 April 2019

BPW Italy General Assembly – Conference - Positive strategies and actions to affirm gender equality: FIDAPA BPW Italy at the time of Gender Mainstreaming

Naples, Italy

5-7 April 2019

80th Anniversary of BPW New Zealand

Wellington, New Zealand

8 April 2019

BPW International Oceania Sub Regional Conference

Wellington, New Zealand

23-25 April 2019

5th Anniversary of the Mediterranean Network of Business and Professional Women Meeting in Honor of PIP Livia Ricci

Cairo, Egypt

4 May 2019

20th Anniversary BPW Vorarlberg


9 May 2019

FORUM BPW-CEOE Leadership in Madrid. Leadership in industry, services, finances and technology


24–26 May 2019

European Regional Conference 2019

16th European Conference and Young BPW Symposium

Galway, Ireland

22 June 2019

Charter of the Girls’ Rights in BPW Livorno Club


26 June 2019

BPW Switzerland Delegates' Meeting 2019


27–28 June 2019

BPW Spain Leader Summit and General Assembly


4–6 July 2019

Global Summit of Women


18 July 2019

BPW Thailand Awards Ceremonies:

·    Outstanding Business Women Awards

·    Outstanding Professional Women Awards

·    Outstanding Women Leaders for Green Growth Awards

·    Financial Discipline Recognition Awards

Bangkok, Thailand

10–11 August 2019

BPW Canada Annual General Meeting

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

13–15 September 2019

Latin America Regional Conference

Quito, Ecuador

September 2019

BPW Italy General Assembly


19–21 September 2019

Leadership Training for Women


2-5 October 2019

2nd Win Congress and 25th BPW Barcelona Anniversary

Barcelona, Spain

15-17 October 2019

BPW International Africa Regional Conference

Khartoum, Sudan

2-7 November 2019

NFBPWC USA 100th Anniversary Cruise

Ft. Lauderdale, Florida to Bahamas, Turks, and Caicos Islands

11 November 2019

Autumn Conference 2019


30 November 2019 – 2nd December 2019

BPW International East-Asia Sub-Regional Conference

Tokyo, Japan

Summer 2020

BPW Canada Convention

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

21–26 August 2020

XXX BPW International Congress in Orlando

Orlando, Florida, USA

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