Welcome to the Member section of the BPW International website.

Here you will learn about our international network of affiliates world-wide and the benefits of joining the largest international organization for business and professional women in the world.

Our founder saw the benefit of networking since 1930 and what it could mean  to  our  International  organization  and  its  members.  Today, BPW International represents  women  in  the  economy  and  women  at  all  levels  of decision making in about 100 countries and across five regions.

The results  of  a  survey  asking  members  their  reasons  for  joining BPW  showed  that  88% joined  because  BPW is  an  International organization.  We know that members believe  that  the  world  will  be  a  better place when women are equally represented in the decision making process. It is so important that we let members know that upon joining their local club they do become part of our global network of women.

We are more powerful working as a team than alone. We have permanent United Nations representation around the world that allows us to speak with one voice when big decisions are being made.  Consultative status at the United Nations, which BPW International has held since 1947, carries the responsibility of reporting on the activities of our Affiliates worldwide.

BPW International is focused on initiatives to support women world-wide, it provides the framework that creates enabling environments for Affiliates through partnerships and collaborations. By thinking globally, we create opportunities for our Affiliates to act locally. This allows Affiliates worldwide to be unified in common purpose and vision. There is a wealth of information about these initiatives on the BPW International web site.

Members can:

  • participate in forums, conferences and congresses.
  • stay connected and informed on what is happening in other parts of the world through our website and social media.
  • twin with Affiliates in other countries
  • exchange experiences, inspiration and best practices with Affiliates world-wide.

BPW Members are a part of a well-respected worldwide organization that has empowered women for 88 years.  Congratulations, as a BPW member, you are a part of this mission:

“BPW develops the professional and leadership potential of women on all levels through our mentoring, networking, skill building, economic empowerment programs and projects around the world”

Susan Jones 1st Vice President
Chair of Membership 2017-2020