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30 March 2021

Newly elected Regional Coordinator North America and the Caribbean

Dawne Williams was re-elected as North America and the Caribbean Regional coordinator 2021-2024 during Virtual XXX General Assembly on 30 March 2021. Congratulations!


16 September 2019


Dawne E. Williams was selected as candidate for North-America and The Caribbean Regional coordinator 2020-2023 at North-America and The Caribbean Regional Meeting in Quebec, Canada on 9-11 August 2019


Upcoming event: BPW 100th Celebration Cruise

Please join us on the NFBPWC 100 Year Celebration Cruise!
5-night cruise on the Carnival Sunrise departing November 2-7, 2019 from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida to Bahamas, Turks, and Caicos Islands.

For more information, please click ..>>


27 July 2019

“Wear Your Crowne” Conference & Dinner
Prevost Cinemall, Dominica

BPW Dominica in collaboration with The Women in Me organized Women empowering women conference and dinner “Wear your Crown” at the Prevost Cinemall in Dominica. Many BPW members from Grand Cayman, St. Marten and St. Kitts also participated in this event.

BPW Dominca look forward to next year conference, and the year 2021, which they will celebrate their 5th anniversary as a Chapter here in Dominica.

BPW Dominica stated that "We have a voice and we are going to use it to effect positive change across the region, for "when one island is distressed all the others feel it, no reason to pretend it's not our concern, for as we cherish and protect our individuality, remember we are called islands of the Caribbean"."


Colorado Centennial Jubilee
National President, Sandy Thompson
Past National President, Ann Steinbeck
National Vice President Membership, Megan Shellman

15 June 2019

Centennial Jubilee BPW Colorado
Arvada, Colorado, USA

The Business & Professional Women of Colorado celebrated their 100th Conference with the theme “She for She”. The theme was chosen to encompass the resilience, partnership, and sense of community the women of Colorado have fostered for over 100 years. 

Most of the attendees dressed in 1920’s attire.  They honored their Woman of the Year, Theresa Szczurek, Ph.D.  She is the Chief Information Officer and Executive Director for the Governor of Colorado. The keynote speaker was National President, Sandy Thompson.  It was a wonderful day of celebration remembering the past and looking to the future.  Many Past State Presidents attended including Past National President, Ann Steinbeck, 1985-86. 

Congratulation to Kathryn Wallace as the BPW Colorado new President!


13 June 2019

BPW St. Kitts 5th Installation Ceremony

Ocean Terrace Inn, St. Kitts

BPW St. Kitts celebrated another successful year and welcomed its fifth executive President and executive during an intimate ceremony ably chaired by Immediate 2nd Vice President Patricia Welsh. 

BPW International North America & the Caribbean Regional Coordinator, Dawne Williams brought words of greetings and congratulations from the International President and Executive.

BPW St. Kitts new executive board is comprised of the following persons:

  • President – Ardis Bell,
  • 1st Vice President – Ionie Knight,
  • 2nd Vice President – Elizabeth Armony,
  • Honorary Secretary – Namayombo Mgonela,
  • Honorary Treasurer – Lynn Bass,
  • Parliamentarian – Rhonda Nisbett-Browne,
  • Assistant Honorary Secretary – Shemica Maloney,
  • Assistant Honorary Treasurer – Neisha Cave,
  • Chair Person – Press and Publicity – Candice Charles,
  • Chair Person – Social and Hospitality – Rochelle Duncan,
  • Chair Person – Ways and Means – Goldha Franks, 
  • Chair Person – Training and Development – Kjellin Rawlins-Elliott,
  • Immediate Past President – Cheryleann Maynard-Pemberton

The evening included the BPW custom candle lighting ceremony, which highlights and recognizes all the BPW affiliate Federations and Clubs around the world.  The youngest member of the executive lit a candle for Young BPW, signifying hope for the future.

The captivating evening concluded with the President’s acceptance speech titled with the fitting mantra, “Together we can, together we will” which will serve as the motto for the 2019/2020 executive.

13 June 2019

99th BPW California Conference and
installation of officers
California, USA

BPW California recently held its 99th Conference with the theme “Hear Our Voice” in California, USA. BPW California are looking to continue their membership growth and to get our name out into the community.

Congratulation to Rosemary Enzer as the new BPW California President!

4 April 2019

NFBPWC welcome new club in Michigan
Michigan, USA

NFBPWC were pleased to welcome a new club in Michigan. The United States Federation continues to grow. NFBPWC Michigan Club.

NFBPWC Lifelong Leadership and Learning Committee are busy updating the old Individual Development program. They are holding webinars the first Tuesday of every month. All are invited to join us.


20-22 July 2018

NFBPWC General Meeting and BPW International N. America and the Caribbean Regional Conference

NFBPWC organized the 2018 NFBPWC General Meeting and BPW International N. America and the Caribbean Regional Conference in Orlando, Florida.  Join this triennial conference for two phenomenal days of professional development, advocacy, learning, networking, and exhibitors.  Partake of a program of thought leadership and education with women from over 18 countries.  Engage in the National and International initiatives, including the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.  A great line up of speakers will discuss the latest thinking around gender diversity and women in the economy, making this an event not to be missed by anyone.  


May 2018

Updates on North America and the Caribbean Regional Conference

A record number of people have already registered for the conference. The first set of rooms have been booked and the second allocation is going very fast. The new link for the hotel bookings at Hilton Orlando Lake Buena Vista, is This is valid until 10 June 2018 only.

Vendor Table for BPW members is US$150. Advertisement for conference magazine is also available. The fee is US$50 for Business card size, US$100 for ¼ page, US$150 for ½ page and US$200 for full page. Contact Dr. Christine A. Walwyn at


8 March 2018

BPW St. Kitts March to Stop Violence Against Women 

BPW St. Kitts organized the march to Stop Violence Against Women on International Women’s Day.  The march started from St. Georges Anglican Church, ending at Independence Square.  Many BPW St. Kitts members participated in this event.



BPW Barbados 50th Anniversary

Marked its 50th milestone in 2017.
The BPW Crisis Centre, the BPW Shelter and various outreach in the community continue.

Regional Coordinator


I am delighted to serve as the Regional Coordinator for North America and The Caribbean once more, this time under the theme “New Actions Through Cooperation”.

As the only candidate on the Executive, nominated from the floor, I feel extremely honoured and humbled by the confidence placed in me by my region who nominated and all those who voted for me. Thanks for the regional and international support. I hereby pledge to do my part in ensuring that BPW International takes the right path from the current crossroad.

As a Region we have formed a committee, with a good mix of subject matter experts, to support our actions through cooperation. To strengthen our region, and by extension our globe we will have many more touch points covering many more members within our region and beyond.

Our Strategic Plan covers:

  • Cooperation, Communication and Inclusivity through meetings and events
  • Improvement in Governance through strengthened constitutional review and documentation
  • Sustainability of BPW through projects and standing committees
  • Growth and Diversity in membership through increased Affiliate Federations and Clubs

I look forward to working with my 2020-2023 Triennial Colleagues at the Club, Regional and Executive Levels, as together we continue the journey so meticulously paved over 91 years ago by our founder - Dr. Lena Madesin Phillps. This is achievable through holistic communication, full cooperation, and an enhanced, practical and pragmatic governance framework that guarantees, respect, transparency, integrity, principled values and provide unambiguous direction to all members.

Together we can! Together we will!!


Dawne E Williams
Regional Coordinator North America and The Caribbean
2020 – 2023.