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30 March 2021

Newly elected Regional Coordinator Asia-Pacific

Dr. Narudee Kiengsiri was re-elected as Asia-Pacific Regional Coordinator 2021-2024 during Virtual XXX General Assembly on 30 March 2021. Congratulations!

December 2019

BPW East Asia members who attended the 2018 Asia-Pacific Conference selected three SDGs (#4, #5, and #17) as common action goals and agreed with working together to achieve them. In December 2019, we held a workshop on three topics at the East Asia Sub-Regional Conference and presented and discussed how we have been working to achieve the SDGs goals.

A brief introduction to the current status of the BPW Asia-Pacific East Asia Sub-Regional countries and their SDGs activities.


16 September 2019

Dr. Narudee Kiengsiri was selected as candidate for Asia-Pacific Regional coordinator 2020-2023. The electronic voting was held during 14 Sept 2019 at 00:30 hrs (GMT+7) to 16 Sept 2019 at 6:00 hrs (GMT+7).


23 August 2019

Announcing the 3 nominees for the selection of Asia-Pacific Regional Coordinator 2020-2023 ...>>


18 July 2019

BPW Thailand's Award Ceremonies

BPW Thailand leading by President Khunying Natthika Wattanavekin Angubolkul and Minister Churai Krailurk and Secretary General Poramaythee from Ministry of Social Development and Human Security, and Mr. Renaud Meyer & Ms. Lovita from UNDP Thailand organized “Outstanding Women Leaders for Green Growth Awards” at Grand Hyatt Erawan Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand.  Asia Pacific Regional Coordinator Dr. Narudee Kiengsiri, PIP Dr. Chonchanok Viravan, BPW Thailand President and many BPW Thailand members fully participated in this event.

BPW Thailand and Ministry of Social Development and Human Security also presented other awards to recognize the importance of women economic empowerment in Thailand. These include
  • The Outstanding Business Women Awards
  • The Outstanding Professional Women Awards
  • The Outstanding Young Business Women Award
  • The Outstanding Women lead business with Financial Discipline Awards
  • Honorable Individual supporting Financial Discipline Projects Award.
Congratulations to all the outstanding women in Thailand!

The awardees were partly BPW members and partly women in business and professional field nationwide.

12 July 2019

Registration is now open for both BPW International East-Asia Sub-regional Conference and the 2nd Young BPW Asia-Pacific Symposium.

Both events will be held in parallel with cross over activities during 30 Nov - 2 Dec 2019 in Tokyo, Japan.  Click here to register online..>>

20-21 June 2019

ASEAN Women Enterpreneur Network Conference

AWEN (Asean Women Entrepreneurs Network) Conference was organized by BPW Thailand and AWEN Thailand in Bangkok, Thailand.  BPW Thailand President Khunying Natthika Wattanavekin Angubolkul was appointed by Ministry of Social Development and Human Security to be AWEN Thailand President.  At this event Asia Pacific Regional Coordinator Dr. Narudee Kiengsiri and PIP Dr. Chonchanok Viravan also participated in this conference.

Soft Opening Ceremony: ASEAN Women’s Business Conference & Award Ceremony: Globalization 4.0 and Beyond: Advancing Women Economic Empowerment Through Action and Impact by H.E. Don Pramudwinai, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Thailand

The conference was organized by AWEN-Thailand as the Chair of AWEN 2018-2020 and co-chaired by Ministry of Social Development and Human Security, Thailand and organized by AWEN in cooperation with its partners.

This event aims to implement and exponentiate the AWEN Strategic Work Plan “7 focus topics”: 1). Women’s Leadership 2) Financial Inclusion 3) Sustainability 4) Big Data 5) Re-skilling 6) Environmental Issues and 7) Digitalization. The conference had a great sharing and exchanging knowledge and experiences through various action, impact platforms and channels; and to promote economic empowerment for women. The progress in each category fully support the ASEAN vision of advancing partnership for sustainability

Participants are prominent women entrepreneurs, CEOs, leaders and experts in the ASEAN region.

18 May 2019

BPW Nepal's Charity Fashion Show

Federation of Business and Professional Women - Nepal successfully completed Charity Fashion Show Made in Nepal “Fashion From Home-2019” followed by a charity dinner at Hotel Yak & Yeti in Kathmandu, Nepal.  It is first event of such nature for BPW-NEPAL organized.  This is for first time in Nepal showcasing Nepali art and creativity of Nepalese women and to promote Nepali products designed by Nepali women designers and also working on National motto of “Prosperous Nepal, Happy Nepalese” and contributing to the global agenda of United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals [SDG] specifically Goal 12 “Ensure sustainable consumption and production patters”. It also contributes to the women empowerment principles WEPs of UN Women and UN Global Compact Initiative.  

The event was gracefully enaguareted by Chief Guest, Hummable Minister Thama Maya Thapa, Ministry of Women, Children and Senior Citizen in presence of Ms. Susan Jones, [Australia] First Vice President of International Business & Professional Women, ASEAN Coordinator Mrs. Chularat Israngkool Na Ayutthaya (Toyting) [Thailand], distinguished dignitaries and Diplomatic Mission Heads. This show motivates aspiring Nepalese entrepreneurs/business women to expedite the national economic development by encouraging international investment and collaboration in Nepal.

The event contained of Promotional Exhibition Stalls of different handmade Nepali products like gold, silver ornaments, handcrafted dress materials and other such tea, coffee and pickels etc.  It aimed for promotional sale and exhibition for market expansion. Nineteen unique and beautiful stalls were in the exhibition as a side event of main event. Most of them were made and own by women entrepreneurs and designers.  

The event was viewed by more than 400 viewers. The items were presented diversified cultural and ethnicities presentations. The viewers viewed the show from more than fifteen different countries of the world besides Nepal. Honorable Minister Ms. Thama Maya Thapa,  Ministry of Women, Children and Senior Citizen, Government of Nepal graced as Chief Guest and Excellency Ambassadors, 1st vice president of the International Federation of Business and Professional Women Susan Jones, Asia Pacific Regional Coordinator, Mrs. Chularat Israngkool Na Ayutthaya (Toyting) from Thailand and other high level personalities residing in Nepal The event was Chaired by Mrs. Ambica Shrestha, President of Federation of Business and Professional Women Nepal and Event was coordinated by Ms. Pratimaya Pun, President of Business and Professional Women Sunakothi and the Event Team composed of General Secretary of BPW Nepal, Members from Kathmandu Chapter, Budhanilkantha Chapter and Sunakothi Chapter including Young BPW Member representing the global youth in the Executive Board of BPW International.

8 April 2019

BPW International's Oceania Sub Regional Conference

BPW International President Dr. Amany Asfour, 1st Vice President Membership Susan Jones, 2nd Vice President UN Dr. Catherine Bosshart and Asia Pacific Regional Coordinator Dr. Narudee Kiengsiri attended the BPW Oceanic Sub-Regional Conference in Wellington, New Zealand.  

The conference was concentrated on achieving the United Nations 2030 agenda for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), not just on the Climate Change.  
  • Cultural diversity and engagement
  • Collaboration across all sectors and ethnicities within Oceania
  • Partnerships with Non-Government Organisations (NGOs) of Oceania
  • Attracting businesswomen, young women and new champions of change
  • Ensuring 50/50 representation at decision-making levels and Boards

5-7 April 2019

BPW New Zealand Celebrated 80th Anniversary

BPW Members from all over New Zealand and distinguished International Members attended the BPW NZ 55th National Conference in Wellington, New Zealand.

The Panel discussion titled “Empowering present and future leaders in New Zealand” was moderated by D Gill Greer (CE of NZORD and formal CE of National Council of Women) and discussed by Poto Williams (MP for Christchurch East), Sarah Leberman (Co-founder and Co-Chair of Women in Sport Aoetearoa, and Jo Hayes (MP for Christchurch East).

The awards dinner was held at Wharewaka Function Centre with keynote speaker Hon. Tracey Martin, was the perfect way to celebrate a year of accomplishments by many of the clubs in New Zealand.

International President Dr. Amany Asfour, 1st Vice President Membership Susan Jones, 2nd Vice President UN Dr. Catherine Bosshart and Asia Pacific Regional Coordinator Dr. Narudee Kiengsiri attended this special event.

24-26 February 2019

First Step in Forming BPW club in Indonesia

Asia Pacific Regional Coordinator Dr. Narudee Kiengsiri and ASEAN Sub-Regional Coordinator Chularat Israngkool na Ayutthaya visited the KOWANI - National Council of Women of Indonesia – KOWANI President Dr. Giwo Rubianto and discussed on the potential forming BPW Jakarta in Indonesia.

18-21 February 2019

Meeting with BPW members in Malaysia

Asia Pacific Regional Coordinator Dr. Narudee Kiengsiri met the Representatives of 3 BPW Clubs in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and discussed about forming Federation in Malaysia.  Dr. Narudee met BPW Kuala Lumpur President Sarimah Sabudin and BPW Putrajaya President Dato Seri Rozaini Nawawi.

19 February 2019

BPW Korea's Mentoring Program

BPW Hangug-Yeonmaeng-Eun Korea Association had the 19th mentoring agreement at International Friendship Night event. This program has been conducted as a target for foreign women's college (won) students from 2011, and students are mainly recommended by the National International Education Center (ni).

This year, 24 people out of 27 countries had been selected and will interact with a variety of programs for 1 years with BPW mentor.

BPW Korea wants to raise the ability to grow the next-Generation Female Leader and contribute to the improvement of national images and brands.

29 October – 1 November 2018

BPW International Asia-Pacific Regional Conference (APRC 2018)

Over 500 business & professional women from 40 countries attended BPW International APRC 2018 at the Grand Hyatt Erawan Bangkok Hotel in Bangkok, Thailand. Three Princesses of Thailand presided over this 3-day conference. The conference featured over 30 speakers in the program: 

  • Panel I: “Women Accelerating Advancement toward Sustainable
    Development Goals In Asia and the Pacific”
  • Panel II: “The Keys to Open New doors for Business and Employment
    Opportunities for Women”
  • Panel III: “Green Growth Strategies for Better Business & Better World”
  • Panel IV: “Financial Inclusion for Gender Equality and Poverty Alleviation” 
APRC 2018 also featured Leaders’ Summit Session with Panel on “Opportunities to Realize SDGs through BPW Activities and International Partners” and a brain Storming Session: “Advancing BPW towards Sustainable Development Goals +1”

31 August 2018

Registration Progress: Asia-Pacific Regional Conference 2018

Since registration was opened on 5 April 2018,  over 300 BPW members from 24 countries have already registered.  The early bird discount of 100 Euro applied for the first 200 foreign registrants. Currently 166 foreign BPW members already take advantage of this offer.  Beside attending APRC 2018, BPW members can enjoy Thai food, Thai massage, Thai Silk and find out why Bangkok is #1 tourist destination of the world! 

Registraion will close on 30 September 2018.
For more information and on-line registration, click here ..>>


18 July 2018

BPW Thailand Award Ceremonies and 2nd Phase of Financial Inclusion MOU Signing Ceremony. 

BPW Thailand organized Outstanding Awards to Business and Professional Women, Outstanding Women in Green Growth and Women Lead Businesses in Financial Inclusion received recognition Awards.  The 2 individuals that were great supporters of Financial Inclusion Training were Dr. Chonchanok Viravan and Ms. Piyaporn Krongjan, SET.


5-8 May 2018

BPW Bahrain’s 2nd Business and Professional Women Forum 2018 

Sheikha Hind bint Salman Al Khalifa, President of BPW Bahrain welcomed delegates from 17 countries to attend the 2nd Business and Professional Women Forum during 5-8 May 2018. The forum discussed FinTech, the Sustainability & Start-ups future and Women in Leadership. Dr. Amany Asfour was congratulated as the first Arab President of the International Federation of Business and Professional Women.  Maryam M. Al-Rumaithi, was also congratulated as the President of the new BPW Abu Dhabi, UAE.


April 2018

Newly elected Executives of BPW New Zealand 

Congratulation to the new BPW New Zealand Executive Board for 2018!
President:- Hellen Swales; 1st VP Issues - Janet Gibb; 2nd VP Membership - Sally Smith; Executive Secretary - Christine Berridge; Treasurer - Kim Hayman; Young BPW - Siobhan Dilly; IT Administrator - Carmen Nelson’; and Immediate Past President - Vicky Mee


April 2018

Welcome BPW Damansara, the newest in Asia-Pacific

BPW Damansara, Malaysia is the youngest club & the first affiliate club in this triennium. Sharing here our 2018 Calendar of Events.

The events are divided into :

  1. Members' Personal Development Programs
  2. Women’s Issues Advocacy & Awareness Talk
  3. Social Networking Sessions
  4. Fund Raising Dinner Event
  5. Community Contribution
    - She Earned It Program
  6. International BPW Conferences
    - BPW Leadership Summit-UN CSW62 Conference, New York
    - YBPW Europe Summit, Vienna
    - Asia Pacific BPW Conference, Bangkok

23-25 March 2018

BPW Nepal Women Enterprise & Leadership Development Training

BPW Nepal and Business Service Center (BSC) has organized 3 days "Women Enterprise and Leadership Development Training" for women tea growers of Tinjure Tea Cooperative, Ilam.  The training program was held in coordination with Tinjure Tea Cooperative. During the training, Ms. Chularat Israngkool Na Ayutthaya, ASEAN Sub-Regional Coordinator and Ms. Wiphada Lehmann, expert/proprietor of CAMELIA Tea House, Switzerland shared their experiences of  the international market scenario of organic tea and technique of market promotion. The training program was supported by the Australian Embassy to Nepal/DAP project. 

Regional Coordinator


Dr. Narudee Kiengsiri, BPW Asia Pacific Regional Coordinator

Welcome to BPW Asia Pacific Regional Webpage.  I am honored to be elected as BPW International Asia-Pacific Regional Coordinator.  We just had our First Virtual BPW General Assembly, which many of us had been participated.  During this pandemic period, I hope our 5 Sub Regional Coordinators and BPW Affiliate Presidents will use our creativities in organizing interesting and useful projects. 

Please send me photos with captions of your Affiliates’ activities and events, so I will coordinate with BPW Communication Admin. to post our news and information on the BPW International Website.  I hope we can cope with COVID-19 and can adjust to our new normal way of lives. 

Looking forward to meet you all at our next BPW Asia-Pacific Regional Conference in Bahrain in this Triennium.

Best Regards,

Dr. Narudee Kiengsiri
BPW Asia-Pacific Regional Coordinator