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April 2018

BPW Villa La Angostura Project, Argentina 

BPW Villa La Angostura in Argentina with the leading initiative of BPW member, Professor Arlette Neyens, has just launched the High Art Institute of Villa La Angostura known to date as "Women's Center" and which seeks to become "the first university of Villa La Angostura with social and humanistic imprint "as Arlette says. With the local support of the Provincial Council of Education and BPW International, the new center will grant official titles in eight artistic careers. Innovation lies in that students will receive some common subjects, which will allow them to learn techniques from other careers and receive the essence of art.  BPW International supports this project.


April 2018

New President of BPW Argentina

BPW Argentina has a new President, Olga Ahumada.
Congratulations to her and her new Executive


April 2018

New President for BPW Peru

BPW Tacna, Peru, has a new President, Milagros Pimentel.
Congratulations to her and her new Executive!

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