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Young BPW are BPW members who are 35 years old or younger.  Our young business and professional women have opportunities to develop their professional leadership and business potential through advocacy, mentoring, networking, skill building and economic empowerment programs and projects around the world.  They can also gain hand on leadership experience as they also served on the BPW Executives at International, Regional and national levels.

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April 2018

The 5th Young BPW Europe Symposium in Vienna

Fifth young BPW European symposium was held from 27-29 April in Vienna, Austria. The theme of the Symposium, as a tribute to tradition of the city host, was S.I.S.S.I. for YBPW = Sharing Ideas, Skills, Strengths, Ingredients for Young Business and Professional Women.

On Friday April 27th, there was UNO City Guided Tour and then at the TU the Sky, there was a Q&A sessions about how BPW Europe works, its composition and offices.

On Saturday April 28th, the Symposium started officially. At the presence of the Presidents of BPW European countries, the Young representatives from each country gave short presentation about two important topics: 1) Activities carried out by Young members; 2) Brief description about how the Young Representatives are elected and their position with the national board.

Saturday evening was a marvelous night in the great frame of Rathauskeller, remembering the imperial nights where Sissi and Franz danced the waltz. On Sunday April 29, there were interesting workshops and discussion on various issues and showcased a flash mob at the end of the symposium.

It was an interesting event with BPW members from all over Europe and also from Malaysia and Nepal during the BPW Europe leaders’ summit and Young BPW Symposium at Vienna.

-- Reported by Neelima Basnet,
Young BPW Representative for BPW International


April 2018

“The Mixer” by Young BPW Condordia, St. Martin

On April 8th 2018, Young BPW Concordia hosted its first public event in the form of a Mixer in St. Martin. The theme was a call for guests to “learn more about BPW association and to network with other like-minded young professional and business women in the community”. Over 25 invited guested attended. The Executive Board and Young BPW Representative Ms. Averdine Stephen explained the purpose of the club from an International perspective and emphasized on the regional and national impact of BPW club to empower the women. Guests expressed that they were attracted to event for this reason, especially post the effects of Hurricane Irma and how they can assist in the community. They also expressed interest to join BPW.

-- Reported by Angelina Gracy Sookoo, St. Kitt

11-23 March 2018

Young BPW at 62nd of UN Commission on Status of Women, New York

United Nations Commission on Status of Women 62nd session (CSW 62) was held from 11-23 March 2018 at New York. BPW International organized several side and parallel events and BPW members were speakers at various events. Many young BPW members also participated csw62 this year. President of BPW Japan, Masako Hiramatsu, also brought several young Japanese interns to attend CSW62.

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CSW62 is the United Nations largest gathering on gender equality. This year more then 8,000 representatives from 1,121 civil society organizations came together to find ways to empower rural women at girls. The priority theme for CSW62, "Challenges and opportunities in achieving gender equality and the empowerment of rural women and girls". Reflective of the CSW62 review theme "Participation and access of women to the media and the information and communication technologies and their impact on and use as an instrument for the advancement and empowerment of women and girls".

NGO CSW62 forum events that Young BPW members participated in were:
1. Consultation day program
2. NGO Advocacy training
3. NGO Regional Caucus meeting
4. Parallel events
5. Side events
6. NGO Morning briefings
7. Youth dialogue

Young BPW members who wants to do internship for CSW in the future can contact BPW International Vice President United Nations, Catherine Bosshart at .

-- Reported by Neelima Basnet, Nepal
Young BPW Representative for BPW International


9-10 March 2018

2018 BPW Leaders’ Summit 

The 10th BPW Leaders' Summit was held from 9-10 March 2018 at New York. Around 100 BPW members from 32 countries attended the summit. BPW International executives presented their priorities and action plan for the triennium. President Amany Asfour presented the 18 goals of BPW international, 17 UN SDGs + 1 "BPW sustainability". Brainstorming sessions was organized and the participants expressed creative ideas on sustainable development of BPW international. BPW members presented their projects and how their projects would empower women to realize sustainable development goals. Susan O'Malley, Chair of NGO CSW/ New York as well as Permanent Representative to United Nations for International Federation of Business and Professional Women also enlighten us about UN CSW 62nd Session and NGOs activities.

The annual Claire Fulcher's dinner of BPW was held to honor Claire Fulcher's dedication to International Federation of Business and Professional women and the United Nations. Claire Fulcher was the founding convener of the NGO Committee on UNIFEM (now UN WOMEN). This dinner was held to thank and honor our UN Representatives as well as to network and strengthen the bonds of BPW sisterhood. Candle Lighting Ceremony was held to remember all BPW sisters across the globe.

-- Reported by Neelima Basnet, Nepal
Young BPW Representative for BPW International

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Young BPW Representatives

Global population is over 1.8 billion and youth are the largest untapped resources. To achieve sustainable development goals 2030 it is important to engage youth as beneficiaries, stake holder and leaders both locally and globally. Youth voice needs to be addressed in international dialogue, empowered enough to advocate and a platform to mobilize as a agent of impactful change makers. BPW international is the best platform for young women to develop the professional, business and leadership potential on all levels through advocacy, mentoring, networking, skill building and economic empowerment programs and projects around the world.

I am Architect Neelima Basnet from beautiful country Nepal. I was elected as young BPW international representatives 2017-2020 on October 2017 at the XXIX BPW international congress at Cairo, Egypt. I believe traveling and volunteering is the best way to learn about global issues and find the true meaning of humanity.

The action plan for my triennium is to encourage all the young BPW members to work towards common goals, mission and values of BPW international across the globe.

Young BPW team consists of young BPW international representative and young BPW regional representatives who will ensure maximum reach and communication globally. Everyone is requested to contact young BPW representatives with any questions and suggestion.

Young BPW regional representatives for 2017-2020 are:

1. Africa
Ndeye Aissatou Ndiaye

2.Asia pacific
Vivien Johnson

Benedetta Palermo

4.latin America
Alejandra Frias Martinez

5.North America and the Caribbean
Angelina Gracy Sookoo

Neelima Basnet
Young BPW Representative 2017-2020