Key Activities



March 2018

In 2017, Young BPW Nigeria carried out 18 activities and 4 collaboration.  Some of the activities include trainings on "Emotional Intelligence", “Strategic Soft Skills for Women”, “The art dining skills”, “proper process on how to access an organisation's grants for Small Businesses”, etc.  They also started Young BPW Nigeria 3-months Mentorship programme.  For 2018, they plan to create Business Clinic.

-- Reported by Sephiny Smart, Nigeria

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Asia Pacific


March 2018

Neelima Basnet and Young BPW Nepal continue to encourage youth to volunteer to help community, help earthquake & flood victims, raise awareness about SDGs.  Neelima also traveled to attend BPW events nationally and internationally to fulfill her role as Young BPW representative for BPW International.

-- Reported by Neelima Basnet,
Young BPW Representative for BPW International

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January 2018

BPW Hong Kong has a 50:50 ratio of Young-to-Senior members and incoming Executive Officers (4) are all Young BPW. BPW Hong Kong want to see more young BPW members on board and model this for affiliates worldwide.

Left to Right: Lin Tang, 2nd Vice President / Projects; Judy Tam, 1st Vice President / Membership; Sindy Leung, President; Michelle, Young BPW Representative.

-- Report by Michelle, Young BPW Hong Kong



April 2018

Young BPW members in Europe are very active. They annually organized Young BPW Europe Symposiums (the 5th one was held in Vienna in April 2018). They also twin with young BPW in other European countries. They organized networking events, seminars as well as giving award recognition to outstanding women. This report includes activities of Young BPW in Europe, Cyprus, Estonia, France, Switzerland and Greece.

-- Report by Benedetta Palermo,
Young BPW Europe representative 2017-2020

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North America and the Caribbean


April 2018

Young BPW Concordia, St. Martin held a Mixer Event to attract new members on 8 April 2018. This event successfully attracts potential members with mindset to help the community that suffers from hurricane Irma.

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Latin America


March 2018

BPW Brazil held a meeting on 23 March 2018 at Delmond hotel in Cuiaba/MT. The meeting was attended by BPW Brazil president Eunice Cruz, the vice coordinator young BPW Camila Ribeiro, the coordinator Renata Cunha (via skype from Porto Alegre), the coordinator BPW Cuiaba Laissa Miranda and members from other states from Brazil.

The theme addressed was “Young Women Leading the Future”. The meeting also discussed issues that concern the association as a whole, acting locally and internationally and the role of women in business. According to the BPW Brazil president the event was a historic landmark.

-- Reported by Renata Cunha, Young BPW Brazil