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Global Summit of Women

The Global Summit of Women was conceived as the nexus at which all sectors – public, private and nonprofit – would come together under the common vision of dramatically expanding women’s economic opportunities globally through exchanges of working solutions and creative strategies forged by women leaders in different parts of the world.  It is a business Summit, whose ‘business’ focus is women’s advancement in the global economy.  The Summit has been connecting women worldwide since 1990.

BPW-Global Summit of Women Collaboration 

1. Organizing and Speaking at Conferences & Congresses

BPW International and Global Summit of Women collaborated together in the past decades and many BPW members received global awards at the Global Summit of Women.  During 1996-2011, many past International Presidents of BPW International also served on Global Summit of Women’s International Planning Committee.

Since Global Summit of Women began in 1990, whenever the Summit was held in the country that has BPW affiliates, representative(s) from BPW would serve on Host Planning Committee.   Several BPW International Presidents and BPW members gave talks at the Global Summit of Women.  Global Summit of Women’s President Irene Natividad also gave talks at several BPW International Congresses, such as the ones in Venice (1996), Mexico City (2008), Helsinki (2011), etc. 

For example, in 2006 BPW International President Amany Asfour (back then President of BPW Egypt) was a part of  the Egypt Host Committee of Global Summit of Women  when the Summit was held in Cairo, Egypt. More on 2006 Global Summit of Women … >>
2.  Women on Board
President of Global Summit of Women branches off to set up Corporate Women Directors International (CWDI), which focuses on research on Women on Boards and promoting more women to serve on the Board of Directors.  CWDI reports provides baseline information from which women’s progress on corporate boards can be measured, CWDI has conducted research internationally since 1996 to identify women corporate board members in countries, regions, and industries globally.

CWDI’s research findings are valuable advocacy resources for BPW International as BPW too aims to promote equal participation of women and men in decision making roles. 

The research results were presented at the Global Summit of Women, at workshops at the United Nations. Irene Natividad also presented the finding at seminars that followed after CWDI’s Market Open at various stock market exchanges around the world.  BPW members also attended when opportunities arise, such as the one held in Bangkok on 2 October 2017.

3. The Global Consortium of Women to End Cervical Cancer

At the Global Summit of Women in Hanoi, Vietnam in 2008, the Global Summit of Women, in association with the International Federation of Business and Professional Women (BPW International) and the European Women's Management Development (EWMD) network, launched "The Global Consortium of Women to End Cervical Cancer" aimed at eliminating this fully preventable disease which kill 250,000 women worldwide each year.

The Consortium aims to raise public awareness and educate women on cervical cancer prevention, testing and vaccination, and encourage governments to provide women and girls with easy access to the latest screening and vaccine technologies. 

BPW International assisted in disseminating the information among BPW global network and encourage members to sign petitions to support this.  Since 2008-present, over 1 millions people signed the petition to support this campaign.

More on the mission of Global Consortium of Women to End Cervical Cancer …>>

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