Message from Vice President, United Nations

It is an honor for me to be elected as First Vice President, responsible for collaboration between International Federation of Business and Professional Women (IFBPW) and United Nations.

IFBPW has a long history of collaboration with United Nations since 1947, when our organization gained Consultative Status to UNECOSOC. I would like to invite you to learn more about BPW-United Nations history so that you too will be proud of IFBPW work through of many of our remarkable members and representatives to various UN Commissions and Agencies, especially UN Commission on Status of Women (CSW).

Today IFBPW continues to have UN representative to various UN institutions, most of which are located in UN Headquarters in New York, Geneva and Vienna as well as in UN Regional Offices and other agencies such as ILO, FAO, UNESCO, UNIDO, etc. I invite you to download IFBPW’s representatives 2017-2020 Triennium reports to learn more about IFBPW recent works with the United Nations.

If you wish to explore more details about BPW and United Nations, including news, events, CSW, UN representatives, etc., please visit www.bpw-un.org web site.

I would like to thank you President Catherine Bosshart for establishing such strong foundation in her role as VP UN during 2017-2020 triennium, which enable me to continue to follow her footsteps. Although the pandemic may change the ways in which BPW collaborate with UN, but one thing remain certain, we will continue to work with the United Nations to empower women and promote gender equality.

Warm regards,

Chularat Israngkool Na Ayutthaya
First Vice President, UN
BPW International 2021-2024