President’s Candle Lighting Ceremony Message 2019

"My very dear BPW sisters across the world,

It is my real pleasure to address  you all  during the Candle Lighting Ceremony 2019. My theme this year for the Candle lighting  ceremony is “Raise Your Head and Go Ahead”

6 Mar 2019
  • Online registration is now open for BPW Leaders’ Summit 2019, Claire Fulcher dinner and BPW side and parallel events to UN CSW 63rd session. Click here to register ..>>
29 Jan 2019
  • Candle Lighting Ceremony 2019: President’s message and protocol in 4 official languages are now available for Download  here ..>>
15 Dec 2018
  • BPW International News 1/2018 is now available to  download in 4 official languages:  English, Spanish, French and Italian. Download  here ..>>
2 Nov 2018
  • The Official Conference Booklet for BPW International Asia-Pacific Regional Conference 2018 are available to download here ..>>
25-28 Oct 2018
  • BPW International Executives held a face-to-face meeting in Bangkok, Thailand.
1 Sept 2018
  • Registration is now opened for the 16th BPW International European Conference in Galway, Ireland during 24-26 May 2019.  For more information and online Registration, click here ..>>